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Global Tiket Network, PT IT/Communication
Tiket.com adalah sebuah situs web untuk melayani pemesanan tiket pesawat dan kereta api. Tiket.com merupakan salah satu rekan bisnis Kereta Api Indonesia di Indonesia.[3] Tiket.com juga bekerjasama dengan berbagai maskapai di Indonesia untuk memudahkan orang untuk pemesanan tiket pesawat melalui internet.
Indosat Tbk, PT IT/Communication
PT Indosat Tbk, doing business as Indosat Ooredoo since 2015 due to Ooredoo's majority stake, is a telecommunications provider in Indonesia. The company offers wireless services for mobile phones, and to a lesser extent, broadband internet lines for homes. Indosat also provides other services such as IDD, fixed telecommunications, and multimedia.

Arkana developed e-RUPS system to support share holder online meeting due to pandemic situation. The development process went through tight schedule since the project timeline is only 2 weeks.
Toyota Tsusho Systems Indonesia, PT IT/Communication
Toyota Tsusho Systems (TTS) is established after being spun off from Toyotsu Syscom Corporation. The automobile industry is experiencing a once-in-a-million revolution, and the Toyota Group is undertaking large-scale structural reforms in response. Our company was created to keep pace with the rapidly evolving times.

Toyota Tsusho Systems conducts operations around the world, and has locations not just in Japan, but also in Singapore, Thailand, China, India,Indonesia, the US, Germany, Belgium, and the UK. Toyota Tsusho Systems is a trading company that develops IT solutions wherever global businesses operate.