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KBRI Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Public Administration
Inquire.ID is an online matchmaking platform provided by Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia Kuala Lumpur. The website connects Malaysian with thousands of Indonesian products suppliers. This includes investment projects offered by both government and private sectors in Indonesia. Please visit inquire.id
Manggala Megah Indonesia, PT Health/Social
PT Manggala Megah Indonesia is a manufacturing company that manufactures antiseptic and disinfectant products for health. Our commitment is to maintain quality without compromise.
Mitra Utama Madani, PT Outsourcing
PT Mitra Utama Madani is founded by Koperasi Karyawan Madani to fulfill human resources demand of PNM Group. We implemented some module to enhance it main business process including Online Recruitment system, Payroll for outsourced employee, and Project Management. In this project, we integrated the Project Management module with Whatsapp thus the notification can be retrieved on mobile via Whatsapp.
Pemerintah Provinsi DKI Jakarta Public Administration
The DKI Regional Government E-procurement System is appropriate with statutory regulations applies, covering the procurement system through (E-Order, E-Auction, E-Catalog, Forum, Web, and procurement dashboard)
Persada Medika Raya, PT Health/Social
Persada Hospital is a hospital located in a strategic area in Malang City, located on Jalan Panji Suroso, Purwodadi Village, Blimbing District, Malang City and 10 minutes from Abd Rahman Saleh Airport and 1 minute from Malang Arjosari Terminal.

Persada Hospital offers a health service concept with exclusive image comfort, friendly staff both medical and non-medical (human touch) in providing maximum service to customers and support for a comfortable and modern room concept.
Perum BULOG Public Administration
The Indonesia Logistics Bureau is a government-owned company in Indonesia that deals with food distribution and price control with >4000 employees.
Restauran Gurih 7 Food
CV. Berkah Alfani memiliki dua lini bisnis. Pertama adalah Gurih 7 Bogor, restoran yang menyajikan kuliner khas sunda dengan nuansa alam pedesaan. Kedua adalah Rumah Talas Bogor, toko pastry yang menyajikan kue berbahan dasar talas serta oleh-oleh khas Bogor.
Solusi Sarana Sehat, PT Health/Social
Farmaku.com adalah website apotek online penyedia obat-obatan baik ethical maupun OTC, produk perawatan kesehatan dan produk kecantikan. Tujuan Farmaku adalah memberikan kemudahan bagi pelanggan untuk mendapatkan produk kualitas dengan harga bersaing serta kenyamanan dalam pengiriman langsung ke rumah pelanggan.
Surganya Motor Indonesia, PT Wholesale/Retail
Planet ban bergerak di bidang suku cadang motor (roda dua) dengan produk ban sebagai produk utama, Super Planet ban memiliki visi untuk memberikan pengalaman berbelanja yang berbeda untuk mencapai kepuasan pelanggan.

Planet Ban didirikan pada tahun 2011 dengan outlet pertama di Harapan Indah Bekasi. Hingga saat ini telah tersedia 900 outlet Planet Ban di seluruh Indonesia. Planet Ban menyediakan berbagai macam ban motor mulai dari ban biasa, ban tubless, ban lebar, hingga ban high performance dari berbagai merk terkenal baik lokal maupun import untuk motor dengan kapasitas mesin hingga 250cc.
Toyota Tsusho Systems Indonesia, PT IT/Communication
Toyota Tsusho Systems (TTS) is established after being spun off from Toyotsu Syscom Corporation. The automobile industry is experiencing a once-in-a-million revolution, and the Toyota Group is undertaking large-scale structural reforms in response. Our company was created to keep pace with the rapidly evolving times.

Toyota Tsusho Systems conducts operations around the world, and has locations not just in Japan, but also in Singapore, Thailand, China, India,Indonesia, the US, Germany, Belgium, and the UK. Toyota Tsusho Systems is a trading company that develops IT solutions wherever global businesses operate.
Transportasi Jakarta, PT Transportation
TransJakarta is a mass transportation service provider that implements the first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) transportation system in Southeast and South Asia, which has been operating since 2004 in Jakarta, Indonesia. TransJakarta is designed as a mass transportation mode supporting capital activities which is very dense. With the longest path in the world (251.2 km), and has 260 stops spread over 13 corridors.